Celebrating the traditional way since 1951...

Selling sweets isn’t just our business, it is our passion. We don’t provide wide variety of sweets for just profit, but because we want to make people happy, and the best way of celebrating happiness is through sweets. It is this tradition of sweets that makes India unique in confectioneries globally. It is our attempt to not just preserve this taste of traditional sweets but also to patronize it everywhere.



We're not saying our Shrikhand is the best in town...Everyone else is.

Shrikhand was first and foremost product of our business. Initially it was prepared at home, later on becoming KDM’s most popular dish earning us the name ‘Shrikhand Samrat’ .

Having a special attachment with this delicacy we prepare it with utmost care maintaining its rich taste and delicious flavour.

We use a special age-old proven technique to prepare our Shrikhand which serves as the secret to its success among our customers!


What Makes our Shrikhand so Special?

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    Malai Shrikhand

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    Kesar Shrikhand

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    Butterscotch Shrikhand

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    Fresh Fruit Shrikhand

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    Mango Shrikhand

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