Serving Sweets since 1979 that are
  • Tasty
  • Healthy
  • Loved by all.


Our journey began in 1951 when Shri KANTILAL DAMODAR SONI along with his brother SHRI PRABHUDAS D SONI incorporated a small milk business in the name of Kantibhai Dhoodhwala. The business flourished in no time and with this, an idea was infused in our family. We started using the surplus milk in making mawa and pedas which we sold to our customers along with our homemade Shrikhand.

Our special Kandi pedas and Shrikhand gained huge mass appeal, thus inspiring us to start a confectionery store of our own. And that’s how Kantilal Damodar Mithaiwala came into being in the year 1979, which at present is a well-known name for tasty and healthy sweets.

We believe in carrying forward our legacy of Indian traditional sweets in years to come.


To expand our base in new markets and to enter the Digital arena as per the market demands. We also want to cater to the corporate and public sector department.

To preserve and enhance the great  INDIAN TRADITION of sweets and to become the face of TRADITIONAL INDIAN SWEETS. We also have the vision to provide the favorable working atmosphere for our employees and giving them the care they deserve.


We manufacture our products under most hygienic conditions using selected raw materials, A1 quality ingredients, pure ghee and the most superior quality dry fruits. We aim at giving our customers the best quality products and maintain the traditional taste for a lifetime.

At KDM we understand the importance of our vivid culture and traditions hence make it our utmost priority to provide our customers with the best delicious confectioneries for every occasion. We are known for preserving the feel and taste of sweets that are healthy and rich in taste.

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