Kuch Kuch Meetha Hai,
Tum Nahi Samjhoge...

Unless you try our lip-smacking Mithai!



Shrikhand is yoghurt based dessert from Western India and part of Maharashtrian and Gujarati cuisine and is KD’s biggest specialty. Shrikhand was first and foremost product of our business. Initially it was prepared at home, later on becoming KDM’s most popular dish earning us the name ‘Shrikhand Samrat’. Having a special attachment with this delicacy we prepare it with utmost care maintaining its rich taste and delicious flavour. Our Shrikhands are available in different flavours like Kesar, Mango, Dry fruit, and Fresh fruit and so on.

KD ka 'Ph'amous Peda

Peda is one of our most selling sweet items as it can be offered on almost any occasion. Prepared from Khoa or milk, pedas are known as carrier of good news. Birth of a new member in the family, result of an important examination, fixing a marriage date, any good news can be accompanied with a peda.

Although we offer a large variety of pedas to our customers, their most favourite one being our ‘Kandi Peda’, which is prepared by roasting the peda till it’s brown and then garnishing it with raisins.

Delicious Desi Ghee Mithai

Ghee being a significant part of India’s food tradition, it can be found in every traditional Indian sweet. At KDM we offer one on one special desi ghee items like Balu Shahi, Special Sohan Papdi, Mohanthal, Mysore Paak, Anjeer Dryfruit Badami, Dryfruit Badami Halwa and Jilebi. They are so tasty that you don’t need a good reason to buy them.

Kamaal ki KAJU KATLI

‘Kaju Katli’ can be termed as the most famous traditional Indian sweet. Made purely from Cashew and sugar, Kaju Katli is undoubtedly the most selling sweet at KDM. We make sure that we maintain its great taste and so we use the best quality of cashews and pharma sugar for preparing it, all done under the most hygienic environment possible.


When it comes to Bengali sweets, whether you have a sweet tooth or not, it hardly matters. Just one look at these enticing babies and your heart will melt. A lover of these traditional sweets does not simply say no to our famous Bengali sweet items like Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Raj Bhog, Kala Jamun, Malai Sandwich and many more. To give it the authentic Bengali taste we have special “karigars” hired from Bengal to make them. That’s how passionate KDM is about maintaining their traditional taste of sweets and to give their customer the best experience possible.

Lajawab LADDU

The most common and popular sweet in India, Laddoos come in a wide variety. A few names from our long list of laddoos include Besan Laddu, Moti Chur Ladu, and Methi Ke Ladu. One doesn’t need an occasion or festival to have these delectable sweets.

Mad over MODAK

Not many know that one of the names of Lord Ganesha is ‘Modakapriya’. Modaks are offered in large quantities by every Ganesh bhakt during the festival of Ganesh Chathurti and Ganesh Jayanti. It being a very important festival, we provide different variety of modaks. Kandi Modak among them is our best-selling item.

KD ki LASSI Jaisi Koi Nahi

Beat the heat with KD’s refreshing Cold Lassi on a hot and hectic summer day and revitalize your mind and body. Get a feel of this “Punjabi di lassi” at KD’s. Customers are offered different flavors. Every flavor of lassi will entice you to have more and more till you gobble your last spoon.


Sweets are a messenger of happiness and we believe it is everyone’s right to be happy. Therefore for diabetic and health conscious people, we offer a wide range of sugar-free sweet items.